Recent Activity

Educational Support :

  • Educational support provided to students under the shadow of leprosy
  • Laptop provided to Final Year Engineering Student.

Museum Visitors:

  • K.G. Mittal Ayurvedic College, Mumbai
  • K.E.M Hospital Nursing Students, Mumbai
  • Lokmanya Institute College of Architecture, Mumbai
  • St. George Hospital Nursing Students, Mumbai
  • Students from Orchid International School, Mumbai

Nutritional Support:

  • Nutritional support provided to 50 Leprosy affected persons.

Child Sponsorship Project

This project was initiated with the main object to help the leprosy affected children and children of leprosy affected persons to continue their education & to bring them in the main stream of the society. This noble project has been run by our Institute since 35 years to provide educational support to students under the shadow of leprosy.

Women Sponsorship Project

To empower leprosy affected women economically self sufficient, financial support is provided under this project to start income generation activities.

Skill Development and Community Based Rehabilitation Project

With the main object of mainstreaming the leprosy affected persons in the society, Acworth Leprosy Hospital Research Society supports skill development program & community Based rehabilitation activities. Sustained efforts are being made to provide skill development opportunities to leprosy affected persons and their families, thus helping them to acquire requisite skills in different trades. This is to make them economically self reliant.

Medical Rehabilitation

Ulcer Dressing Kit Support

Foot ulcers due to loss of sensation are one of the major problems in leprosy. We provide dressing material kits to Leprosy Affected Persons under self care activities. Every year 300-400 dressing kits are provided to the needy leprosy affected persons in and around Mumbai.

MCR Foot Wears, Splints Support

Microcellular rubber (MCR) foot wear plays the important role to prevent ulcers among patients with loss of sensation. Different types of splints such as foot drop splint and gutter splints also helps to prevent deformities. MCR foot wear, splints along with Jaipur foot (Artificial foot) is being provided to needy patients to take care of their deformities.

Nutritional Support

Nutritional support is provided to the needy and poor Leprosy Affected Persons, who could not afford to have nutritional diet.

Awareness & Advocacy Program

Mitra Project for school students

Under this project students are provided with scientific information about leprosy through audio visual aids. Training activities on leprosy for School teachers is regularly organized. Health education material such as stickers, posters, leaflets, albums are also provided to schools. Under the guidance of trained teachers, students are then requested to actively participate in the leprosy awareness activities in the community.

Traning programme for Medical and Para Medical Students

Conferences and Seminars on Leprosy

To focus the attention of Medical Professionals, Para Medical & Leprosy Workers on the problem of leprosy, meetings, seminars and leprosy update programmes are being organised by ALH-RRE Society

Community Awareness Activities

Poster & Essay Competitions