Don't Forget Leprosy

Don't Forget Leprosy


ALH-RRE Society

We are an NGO working with the main objective of facilitating Rehabilitation of Leprosy sufferers in all respects, encouraging research studies and carrying out awareness and advocacy.

During its existence of last 52 years, the ALH-RRE Society has pioneered many novel projects in the field of leprosy Research, Rehabilitation and Education.


Fighting against Leprosy, Stigma & Discrimination since 1970


  • Govt. of India released Strategic Plan to achieve zero transmission, zero disability and zero discrimination by 2030.
  • February 28th marked the 150th anniversary of the discovery of the leprosy bacillus by Dr. Hansen. This discovery was of great significance for the global health community.
  • WHO has realised Road Map to achieve the control of 20 Neglected Tropical Diseases by 2030.

Our Projects:

Child Sponsorship Project

Women Sponsorship Project

Skill Development and Community Based Rehabilitation Project

Medical Rehabilitation

Acworth Leprosy Museum

Acworth Leprosy Museum is the joint project of Acworth Municipal Hospital for Leprosy and Acworth Leprosy Hospital Research Society, Wadala, Mumbai.

The Museum is the only one of its kind in India.It is dedicated to millions of leprosy sufferers throughout history, to the philanthropists and Social workers who ameliorated their sufferings, and pays tribute to those whose labours delivered remedies and other benefits to the most marginalized of human society.


Awareness & Advocacy Program

Traning programme for Medical and Para Medical Students

Mitra Project - Activities by School Students

Poster & Essay Competition

Conferences and Seminars on Leprosy